Kesgrave Wood – In Love Shoot – Carl and Leah 09.02.2014

With love still very much in the air from Valentines Day, I thought today would be an ideal time to show my blog of Carl and Leah’s photo shoot from last week!

There is no getting away from the fact that these two are both completely gorgeous, completely in love and that the camera is totally in love with them!

I have known Carl for a couple of years now through my day job at Suffolk Police. It was actually through Carl that I met my boyfriend Murray, after commenting on some random banter between them both on Carls Facebook page!! I always think about how things happen in life, and how the connections you make, jobs you take, places you go and people you meet, can completely change your whole life path.

I drive past Kesgrave Woods most days on my way to work.  Its been one of those places that every time I go past it I always envisage how beautiful it would look with the sunshine glistening through its tall, thin, wispy trees, and how much I would love to take some couple or family photos in there. So after a couple of weeks of arranging and fitting in around the bad weather, we made a dash down to the woods last Sunday whilst the sun made a brief appearance! I absolutely love the photos we managed to get!!

Carl and Leah – thank you so so much for being my gorgeous models for the afternoon. I hope you enjoy looking through them all!

Helen x


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