Your Cake by Victoria – Cake Tasting!!

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m an absolutely massive fan of anything cake-related!!! It’s sometimes on a slightly un-controllable level.

So, when amazing cake-making lady, Victoria Osborne, of ‘Your Cake by Victoria’ posted on her Facebook page to say that she was offering a sample package to any future bride and grooms to try some of her favourite flavours, I knew that I just had to get my name on that list!  Yes, I know I’m not a bride or a groom, but I am without a doubt one of the country’s best and most-experienced cake testers. I also thought it would be a great idea to share a blog for any of my future bride and grooms who may still be looking for a wedding cake supplier!  So really, it’s a pretty selfless act…

With my order placed, and ‘cake day’ approaching, there was only one thing left to do – find a cake eating partner.  Someone to assist me with the task of trying not just one or two slices of Victorias amazing cakes, but rather TEN very, very big slices of cake.  And I didn’t have to look far. Not many people care about cake as much as me – but my friend Sarah is pretty high up there on the list!

So….with my cake box in hand and an empty tummy telling me to ‘hurry up and eat some’, I made way over to Sarah’s. We were both ready for this…….10 pieces of cake……easy!  In fact, it’s probably not enough for a couple of seasoned cake-eaters like ourselves!

And so it began. Sarah had her notepad, and I had my cup of tea – we were ready.

First up, rainbow cake – I don’t bake cakes much, I just like eating other peoples – but when I attempted to make a rainbow cake once before, I didn’t actually realise how hard it is to get such vibrant colours!? Victoria’s cake was beautiful! The colours were stunning and that pure white swiss meringue buttercream filling really made the colours ‘pop’ even more.

Next, salted caramel – We both knew this would be a good one, and it didn’t disappoint. That gooey salted caramel was to die for.

Up next –  lemon – One of Sarah’s favourites. The fresh zingy taste of the lemon really came through in what was such a moist and perfect classic cake.

The red velvet – I’ve never really known what exactly goes into a red velvet cake, it’s normally a favourite of mine. Victoria’s cake had an ample amount of swiss meringue buttercream filling…so clearly, that was awesome.

Next up, cookies and cream – Such a fab and different idea for a wedding cake, with a good amount of chocolate chips chunks.

5 cakes done, 5 left to try, and we were both quite shocked at how full we were starting to get. But we knew we had to dig deep in the name of cake and continue with our mission.

Vanilla – A great all rounder! An absolute classic cake that all guests old and young would love at any wedding.

Up next, CHOCOLATE – In capitals because in my eyes chocolate cake is the king of cakes! If a chocolate cake isn’t chocolaty enough, it could ruin an entire day…fortunately, Victoria’s didn’t disappoint.  Wow.  What a cake, and with an immense chocolate kick!! This went immediately to my number one spot, as expected!!!

Carrot cake was next up – I always feel less guilty about eating a bit of carrot cake…..the clue is in its title! It’s clearly one of your five a day. Victoria’s carrot cake was exceptionally moist with again the most beautiful swiss meringue buttercream filling. This was an exceptionally morish cake.

White chocolate – Before we even took a bite of this one, Sarah piped up with, “I’m always so disappointed by white chocolate cake – it never actually tastes of white chocolate?!” I knew where she was coming from. It’s the same when you can taste poor quality chocolate in a milk chocolate cake. Although in my heart I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed by Victoria’s cake, there was a small part of me that waited with anticipation as Sarah and I took that first bite… We took a bite and then both looked at each other and just grinned…..we knew this cake had undoubtably passed the test! A beaut!

Finally, the fruit cake – I have to be 100% honest, as this is a fair cake testing session, I’m not – and probably never will be – a fan of fruit cake. I find it far too rich and let’s be honest, it has way too much fruit in it to be classed as a real cake!  It’s a bit of an impostor to the cake world. Sarah’s thoughts were initially the same as mine. However after trying one mouthful, she was completely taken aback by just how good it was and immediately moved fruit cake above all the others, straight to the top of her list!


Victoria, your cakes are amazing. The sheer talent that this lady has not only for baking, but also for creating works of art are totally beyond what you could ever expect!!

Please check out more of her work on her Facebook page and website for full details of all cakes on offer –  they’re not only for weddings, but for any celebration or special day.  Or, you know, in my case, just a regular Monday night 🙂

Here is a run down of mine and Sarah’s list in order of personal preference!!


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